Services Offered

Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath

Your Feet are placed in a warm salt bath with an array placed in the center of the bath and lasts anywhere from 30 and includes a foot cleanse and massage after the detox treatment. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the process take place. The clear water will then change color as your toxins are released from your body.


Kacelia:  Tru-Align System
Specially engineered cushions support the body at key points allowing gravity to exert a downward pressure restoring the spiral curves and good posture.  Using the Tru-Align system for the average time of 20 minutes (daily if possible) decompresses limbers, reshapes and encourages alignment of the jaw occipital, neck spiral, shoulder sacroiliacs, and hip joints.   Has been described as a 'Chiropractic Adjustment' in a bag.


Biofeedback Scan At The Cellular Level:
QMRA scan and report
The analysis is non-invasive and will tell you the condition of your health without blood analysis or radiation.  Analyzing over Forty (40) body systems in just minutes, the QMRA (Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis)  empowers people to make educated health and wellness decisions.


Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy consultations with a Certified Aromatherapist from Georgi Girl Oils include intake, discussion, and options about products to integrate into your current living situation. A customized unique aromatherapy product will be created that is personal to you. We have many products that can be customized to your daily needs; all skin care, hair, and body products can be made clean, organic, and safe for out largest organ, the skin we have covering us.  Personal lifestyle changes are the best reason for an aromatherapy follow up visit.


Education is continually growing and always beneficial.  With new scientific discoveries, knowledge of chemical constitutions along with blending, word of mouth testimonials, and endless areas to learn about; we are eager to share our knowledge to assist consumers in  making educated choices about their holistic products and practices.  From essential oils to herbs, every piece of a plant's life is important and crucial steps are taken to ensure Georgi Girl Oils has therapeutic products.  It is important to note that most (about 97%) of essential oils are adulterated or carried to make more money while decreasing the effectiveness; thus, making an inferior product that is far from therapeutic grade. Strong ethical practices are necessary in order to reach the therapeutic classification.  When applying self care into one's routine, it is vital to continue learning about holism and the benefits of aromatherapy and prevention of dis-ease in the body.  Working with the miracle that is our body itself, we can gain the best of both worlds, emotional and physical wellbeing.  You can truly have the best quality of life available.  



Initial Consultation: 1.5-2 hours - $160.00

  • Aromatherapy Consultation using Holistic Health Coaching strategies 

  • Nutritive Recommendations as appropriate

  • Plan made between client and practitioner for moving forward

  • Add-Ons can be:​​

    • Ionic Detox Foot Bath

    •  QMRA Bio Analysis (look at no more than three (3) body systems)

    • Access Consciousness Session​

  • Scent Session:  Smell of certain essential oils

  •  Educational materials


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour - $95.00

​Bio-Analysis Scan: Comprehensive Report / Main Bodily System - $59.00


  • Includes additional 2 bodily system reports - $79.00

  • For all 40+ bodily system - $125.00

Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath - $ 49.00

Access Consciousness Session - $ 59.00

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