Kacelia: Tru-Align System


Specially engineered cushions support the body at key points so gravity can exert a downward pressure, helping restore spiral curves and good posture. Just 20 minutes a day decompresses limbers, reshapes, and encourages alignment of the jaw, occipital, neck spiral, shoulder, sacroiliacs, and hip joints.


The effectiveness of disc decompression is exponentially increased when the proper spinal curve is restored at the same time.  According to the inventor of Kacelia, it is extremely beneficial to do some massage therapy while laying on the Kacelia unit itself.  There is a synergistic affect when massage is done concurrently.   


  • Assembled in the USA from medical-grade materials

  • Easy to set up on the floor or a massage table

  • Clinically proven to alleviate pain and stiffness

  • Effective for headaches, sinus pressure, pinched nerves, disc problems, sciatica, depression, low energy, trouble sleeping, and pregnancy discomforts