Health & Wellness Coaching

What is Health & Wellness Coaching's Main Focus in Our World Today?

"The biggest focus today in health coaching is stress management, self-care and resilience training." 

A health coach bridges the gap between information and transformation – inspiring change that is sustainable, with recommendations specific to each person’s needs. Integrative health coaching empowers people to make lasting health behavior changes to support their lifelong well-being. 

A health coach engages individuals in their own health choices, resulting in better outcomes. An individualized plan is designed based on participant priorities and vision. Health coaches respect the self-healing capacity of humans and honor the mind-body connection. They can recommend integrative therapies including nutrition counseling, massage, acupuncture, exercise, hypnosis, art, and mindfulness. The non-judgmental coaching partnership complements medical or other treatments already being received from other providers.

Plan made by client; practitioner as coach assists client on their chosen path for permanent forward-moving fruition of such plans 


Coaching Session