About Us & Education

Mission Statement
Inspired to benefit humanity by sharing knowledge through continual team based education in  holistic aromatherapy.  Through a supportive world leader in product purity,the best is guaranteed.  We are individuals creating personal holistic wholeness, wellness, and abundance.

Georgi Girl Oils is interested in helping others better their lives starting where they are now.  We offer continual learning as a means to self empowerment and educated choice making.  Offering a team based approach to health and wellness, there are endless possibilities for awareness and growth utilizing holistic based practices, primarily holistic aromatherapy.  Wholeness of self leads to a joyous quality of life, which every individual is able to create.   We are always looking for people who are looking for empowerment and freedom from sickness and disease that destroys our innate sense of balance.  True freedom can be achieved by anyone who is willing to believe it, go the extra mile, and have a team facilitating prosperity as a whole.  Holistic aromatherapy offers an array of possibility within emotional, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing.  We provide continual education on all facets of Essential Oil use and care; focusing on quality and the true science behind the essences themselves.  From research and development to personal testimonials, it is shown that mindfulness and awareness can be amplified utilizing the pure essences of plants through aromatherapy.  Quality plants, unadulterated, that have the highest standards produce the highest quality of essential oil.  We only use and promote pure therapeutic grade essential oils produced by those who understand their innate energies and revere the entire process of cultivation to steam distillation to bottling of the essential oil itself.  Join us for an exciting time in history, the integration of allopathic medicine and holistic methods.  Be part of a revolution with holistic aromatherapy at the forefront; always aware of holistic health expansion in the works.  As more knowledge is gained through community and individuals, we share the good news of wellness, purpose, and abundance with you.  We help each other reach our highest potentials!